i can’t find any videos of the most popular chick :/ the spanish/indian one who did a ton of aggressive bjs with iLoveFacials.

If anyone comes across any… please, do share :)


Dropping a load on a cute Latina’s face. Screenshots from a different camera a the end.

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This Chick is 20 year older than me … not my typical type, but when I met her online she was REALLY down to suck my dick, let me titty fuck her, and take a Huge load that I had saved up for a week all over her face. So I said, “Why not?” And She really KNEW how to suck a dick … want to know why? Turns out she used to be a porn star back in the day. I didn’t know that at the time, it wasn’t until somebody I showed this video too recognized her. Haha, and that’s what happens living in L.A. … You never know what some of these freaky as women used to do.

Found some more videos of her here http://www.nudevista.com/?q=kira+rodriguez&o=n&s=s

And as always check out some more of my homemade porn @ www.ilovefacials.tumblr.com

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Black Girl I Met Online Last Year. Nice Ass AND A Deep Throat. Left her Face Nice And Sticky!!!



I got really horny and decided to tell this girl (who loves to suck my dick) that she needed to come over. What she didn’t know was that I had already been jacking off and could barley wait for her to get there.

So When she opened the door I shot a load right in her face. Hope you guys like this one!

A guy that knows exactly what he wants from a woman: ‘Just take your shirt off … and come here’.  And she knows too: no luvvy-duvvy stuff, she just gets her facial and then shows it off for the camera. Nice.

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Fucked A Milf With Some VERY nice tits and a round ass. You all know I’m a facial guy … but I HAD to cum on those tits. Hit me up with Asks and let me know what you think.

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This Chick Knows how to handle a huge tool. I congratulated her with a Massive load in her face! 

like a boss!!
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Me getting some Jerk-Off help. Why use my hand when I can use yours?!

One of my followers (who requested anonymity) asked if I could post a video of women fondling my BBC, but not really sucking it. So I made this short compilation of women stroking me. I had to put 2 cumshots at the end or it was just boring IMO. Enjoy!

Wow! I would love to get between his spread legs and worship that cock and luscious balls for days while he shoots big load after load in my mouth!

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I Plastered her face!!! Different view of a vid I posted earlier. Watch the the POV version here: http://ilovefacials.tumblr.com/post/29952655687/this-chick-knows-how-to-handle-a-huge-tool-i